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Fireplace repair Calgary is your go-to-place for all your fireplace and heating solutions. We offer complete fireplace services throughout the city and surrounding areas. Our experienced and competent team has been offering Calgary based fireplace services in homes and businesses for many years. Our dedicated team will recommend and plan the installation details, offering you the peace of mind in knowing the task will be done appropriately.

Whether you have a dirty fireplace or need some repairs, we pledge the best client satisfaction always. Throughout our experience, we have come up against a lot of installation, servicing, cleaning and repairing problems both commercial and residential projects. All these have been resolved to the delight and satisfaction of our clients. No matter what your case, our team can help.

As a company dedicated to family and business comfort and safety, we understand there is no room for guesswork. That’s why our experienced team is expertly certified and trained in every work we offer. We are consistently learning how to become better at what we do so we can offer better service.

We won’t and don’t settle for anything else than excellence. Therefore, you can count on our team of experienced fireplace specialist to perform the job right, and treat your property and home with the optimum level of care! We assure it!


Our company offers a wide array of fireplace services you can choose from. Check out all of these services to know more about them:

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Our team provides servicing services to keep your fireplace performing and looking like new. However, this service makes sure the efficient and proper functioning of your fireplace, needed to keep your whole family safe and lower unnecessary expenses.

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Our certified cleaners utilize state-of-the-art equipment to clean your fireplace. While cleaning your system, we make sure that it is in working order. We will search for any concerns, which could avoid peak performance and suggest what’s required your system to burn safely and cleanly. Any possible concerns or hazards that we found in your system will be carefully pointed out.

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Fireplaces should be serviced regularly. Sometimes, when they are not maintained appropriately, fireplaces, like other home appliances will break down. Our skilled fireplace repair Calgary technicians are expertly trained and licensed to diagnose any issue your fireplace might be experiencing. With our experience, we can identify what is causing the unit to malfunction.

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Our Calgary team also provide reapplication fireplace services if you want. Just call us, and we will discuss your needs.

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Wett Inspection

You understand what a chimney is. However, perhaps you’ve never heard of a WETT Inspection. When buying or owning a fireplace, a Wett Inspection might be a requirement to get insurance. When needed, it should be done by a Certified Wett Inspector.

However, our Wett Inspector offers a Level 1 Code Inspection. Our inspections house all wood burning appliances like fireplaces and wood stoves. This kind of inspection visually assesses the condition, alteration, installation, and maintenance of your solid fuel burning appliance.

Furthermore, our Wett Inspection services confirm clearance areas from flammable objects in and around your fireplace. The inspection will assess the firebox and its chimneys for firmness. Your appliances should b free of any flammable substance, which could stop proper ventilation. With us, we aim to help you preserve your safety and health.

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If you’re keeping your fireplace correctly, you are guaranteed of long years of performance. With us, you can be certain that regular service and maintenance will keep your fireplace in good shape. If your renovation or home-building plans include an efficient fireplace, take time to organize the installation so your fireplace can contribute efficiently to your heading needs.

If you are ready for a new fireplace, our team can be of service. When it comes to installation, it’s crucial to have the work done professionally. We emphasize on performance and safety. Installing a fireplace is not a Do-It-Yourself task. It requires expertise, licensed and licensed specialist. We make each effort to make sure your safety and comfort while offering the most professional installation.

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From beginning to end, we provide a range of services that suit your timeframe and budget. We can offer an array of options for you to choose from. This includes the removal of your old fireplace. Allow our fireplace repair Calgary team to help you get your new fireplace unit in place and refresh your current fire center.

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Mission & Vision


Our mission is to highlight our service. Whether it’s our factory-trained technicians, our knowledgeable staff or our productive and polite installation team. Our Calgary, Ab company aims to obtain the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and workmanship.


We are dedicated to being the premier installer and partner of quality home fireplaces in the area. We continuously improve our education to bring only the safest eco-friendly fireplace products in the industry to offer a warmth at an affordable cost to your home and family.


Our team always come to prepare for the task along with an inventory of parts on hand. When a return visit is needed, our clients pay only the fee of the part and the labor to fix the fireplace. We pride our team on being the most successful refurbishing expert of the region.

The safety of your home is vital to us; that’s why we guarantee all of our technicians are certified by the governing bodies. When you schedule an appointment with us, our certified Calgary, Ab fireplace technicians will take the time to listen to your needs. We will make sure you’re getting the best treatment possible.

However, we are driven by 3 additional value initiatives: growing peace of mind, preserving the beauty and establishing equity. Investing in the functionality and safety of your fireplace is growing peace of mind. Obtain that peace of mind today by calling our team.
Moreover, it must be stress that we believe in hiring employees and not depending on the substrate. Our team works together to offer a flawless process of construction from beginning to end.

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